March 2021 - Future & New Online Store

Zach Crawford Surf Artist

While this last year has been unlike anything we have ever experienced before and has brought so much tragedy, it has also provided an opportunity for introspection. For me the instability of the last year has given me time to stop and think long and hard about the direction my work is taking and where I want to see it go in the future. 

Zach Crawford painting an abstract ocean painting

Over these last months I have had an increasing sense of wanting to make work that provokes emotions, thoughts, and insights about what it means to live in today's world. One of the most common themes in all of the different types of work that I do is balance. I like to create a harmony between intensity and serenity. Tension and release. To me the ocean is the ultimate expression of this.

My passion for the sea is as alive as it has ever been, perhaps even more in light of the events of this last year, and I am very excited to create more ocean-inspired art. For me it is not enough to just look and observe the beauty of the ocean, it must be experienced. I find the most inspiration when I am in the water. So it is not surprising that I am always exploring new ways of being in and on the water in some form or another. Over the last few months I undertook the new project of building replicas of the ancient Hawaiian surfcraft known as the "Alaia." 

Zach Crawford shaping and basswood Alaia surfboard.

The Alaia has blown my mind! Not only is it incredibly fun to make, and ride, it is so beautiful to look. Just seeing it makes me want to get in the water and play!

As I look to the future I am inspired to create a sense of wonder at the beauty that surrounds us, as well as a desire to care for our environment and each other. 

Zach Crawford Abstract Ocean Art - Barrier

With a newly designed website and a handful of exciting new projects on the horizon, I am very hopeful about the coming year.