About Zach

A native of Southern California, Zachary Crawford is a self-taught artist and craftsman living and working in Dana Point. Inspired by a lifelong love of the ocean, surfing and the intricacies of nature, Crawford’s work explores the relationship between the raw power and the beautiful serenity that we are all caught up in. He employs a multitude of stylistic approaches; from meticulously drawn technical works to expressive free-flowing colorful abstractions.

At the most fundamental level Zach is a creator. Although he never received any formal training he comes from a family that encouraged his creativity. Whether sketching and drawing or learning to make things in his dad’s woodshop, he had the instinctual urge to create from a very early age. “There is something magical to me about being able to have an idea and use whatever materials available to make that idea come to life.” Over the years this has taken many forms from building custom cabinetry in his VW van, to handmade surf racks, to a wide variety of works of art.




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