I initially started making surfboard wall racks because I couldn't find one beautiful enough to display in my home. Little did I know I was not the only one who was searching for something to artfully display my surfboards. Now, years and hundreds of surfboard wall racks later I'm honored to announce their use throughout Kelly Slater's legendary Surf Ranch in Lenmoore, California. 

The interior designs for the Surf Ranch were completed by our friend, Raili Co. Design who specializes in surf homes and surf shacks. Raili included our walnut surfboard wall racks throughout the ranch (as she does on many of her projects) to add to that surf vibe and to add functionality, as the boards can be taken off the racks and used to surf.

At the surf ranch our walnut surfboard racks are holding surfboards with the fins off and the deck facing outwards. The surfboards on display include: Firewire, Tomo and Slater Design boards. There also is one signed by a number of famous surfers on display.

Like many of you, I hope one day to make it out to the surf ranch to see the racks and surf that wave. It’s a marvel in itself and has become a true surf destination.