As a visual artist and prior VW bus owner, I have always been drawn to the aesthetic of classic Volkswagen buses and Westfalia camper vans. 

Chris Burkard VW Bus Adventure Photo

Photo by Chris Burkard 

And if you are reading this, I'd guess you like the VW bus too. 

The simple aesthetic and functionality of the VW bus is one for the ages. An old VW Bus art advertisement puts it best, “Buy this van, get a camper free.”

To this day, the VW Bus’ size and functionality is unmatched. It has become the true icon of freedom and adventure for 50 years. More than a car… the adventure mobile. The van to fuel the now very popular #vanlife movement.

And as any VW bus/van-life enthusiast knows, vans induce regular daydreams of endless possibility; the places, people and experiences only a drive away.

In a recurring daydream of mine, I would often find myself with my VW Bus in Yosemite Valley because of its lasting impact and the sheer scale of the walls that can only be experienced by going to Yosemite. No photo justifies the scale and that experience.

In this VW Bus art, I visualize my daydream of perfect scale, hiding amongst the trees far off from others and far enough away to appreciate a full view of Yosemite’s Half Dome out the pop top’s window.


Limited Edition VW Bus Art for Yosemite Climbers & Lovers

I am proud to offer this VW Bus Art as a special edition of 25. All art pieces are signed and numbered. Only 25 available.

Art is laser-engraved on a hand-selected maple panel and framed in a custom hand made black walnut frame. The wood grain varies from piece to piece making each one unique.

The laser engraved technique brings a unique texture to the work without sacrificing detail.

Limited Edition VW Bus Art for Yosemite Climbers & Lovers
Limited Edition VW Bus Art for Yosemite Climbers & Lovers


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