Surfing is more than a thing we do, its who we are. We are surfers.
It’s a connection that guides us through life. It challenges us, inspires us, leads us and unites us. 

Several years ago when I walked into my house after a session, something struck me. I desired more of the energy of surfing in my home. I wanted that surfboard under my arm, to be on the wall as true piece of art. Not left in the garage. I felt its presence would culture my home and inspire me daily.

After searching for wall mounted surfboard racks and finding an abundance of low cost, and generic surfboard wall racks, I decided to create my own surf rack. My goal was simple, to create a timeless design that was refined to resemble the quality classic pieces of furniture found in surf shacks. I wanted it to feel as crafted as my beautifully refined, hand shaped surfboard.

Surfboard Wall Rack in Surf Shack

I skipped the home depot plywood and basic cuts to go in a different direction. I picked up some walnut from a local specialty wood shop and began designing a wall mounted surfboard rack, starting by drawing natural hook shapes I felt would complement a surfboard and easily secure to a wall.

Surfboard Wall Rack - Making Shapes

After cutting a handful of different shapes, I discovered which shapes worked best for a variety of surfboards, but then realized something else. I wanted my surfboard held in place with straps for a variety of reasons, like California earthquakes to an accidental bump.

Cutting Shapes

I lengthened the hooks to extend behind the surfboard and developed a strap system made of a contrasting colored leather, that would wear well, provide a softer material for the surfboard to rest on and add to the aesthetic. I then added brass guitar bridge pins on the top leather straps as a simple way to attach to the top of the wall rack and the basic design was complete. With extra detailing, a lot of fine sanding and a stain/finish, I created what I was looking for – a high quality surfboard wall rack that transformed my home into a true surf shack.

Surfboard Wall Rack - Leather Straps

Surfboard Wall Rack Details 

Over the years, I adapted my original horizontal surfboard wall rack design for a vertical orientation to provide more options for a variety of homes and spaces. This surfboard rack was designed with similar goals; to be built high quality, easily attach to any wall, have unique shapes, soft leather details, and an optimized footprint to hold variety of surfboard sizes and shapes.

Surfboard Wall Rack Crafted for Surf Shacks - Vertical

Now after living with surfboards wall mounted in my house for nearly a decade, I can confidently say I feel more connected to myself, my home, surfing, and surf craft. It also has helped with storage by utilizing space inside the house for surfboards, not just the garage.

 Art, Alaia and Surfboard Wall Rack in Zach Crawford's House

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